Unfortunately TextTouch application no longer supported or even avaliable for installation via Windows Store because of my disappointment in Windows 8 as a software platform and Microsoft in general.Keep this article here for my portfolio.


TextTouch. Please treat it well 

TextTouch is a simple application intended for work with text meant for easy addition of inscriptions to the pictures. Application makes it possible to attach  high quality rendered textual information to picture or monotonous background. It is possible to add an inscription under one of several trajectories - line,  arc, spline and so on. In that case the whole inscription will be transformed in compliance with certain trajectory, what causes interesting graphic effects. You always can change inscription geometry through special editing points and inscription style using rich customization potential.

TextTouch is multitouch friendly application. You can use it having only touch screen as simple as having standard keyboard and mouse. Moreover, availibility of touch screen gives some extra features like rotation or scaling of inscriptions. All interactive controls are also optimized for touch input, so you don't need to waste your time trying to tap on some extra small user control or anything else. TextTouch has Metro style user interface, good support for all Windows 8 interface conceptions and Windows 8 charm buttons.

Application can be downloaded for free from Windows Store. Please take a minute to support the application by rating it or writing an email to the developer. Feel free to say that application sucks, but it will be great if you explain us why. Appreciate your feedback.


  • Ability to add high quality textual information to the picture
  • Several ways of inscriptions disposition
  • Rich inscription style customization potential
  • Simple and clear user interface
  • Tablets and touch interface focus

Getting started

Let's take a glance on how something interesting can be created using TextTouch app.  

1. Run the application. When TextTouch starts working you see a white page and app bar with basic commands. To begin with, let's load a nice background picture, so press a button with caption "Load background" placed on app bar. 

2. Now let's write down something nice, for example John Lennon's quotation ("Time you enjoy wasting was not wasted"). At the present moment we need a straight inscriptions, so press the app bar button with caption "Text by line" and tap two character points of the line to create new inscription.  

3. After the inscription is ready, when you choose it (tap on it), a change style pane will appear. With its help you can manage the text, font, size, color, opacity of the choosed inscription. We haven't entered any text yet, so we see a half-transparent rectangle, it's a placeholder. Enter two first words of the quotation in proper control.

4. Visual style of the inscription can be changed with the help of style pane as well. Just now we need a white semi-transparent inscription without an outline. Select inscription fill color, fill opacity and other parameters using proper controls.  

5. Now having managed the style create some more lines and add the text.  

6. To round it up, save your picture or share it with friends with the help of share charm button. Not bad, isn't it?

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