суббота, 26 января 2013 г.

Math2d - general purpose math library written in C++

Math2d is a simple general purpose mathematical library written in C++. Mainly Math2d contains functions and classes for work with generic mathematical entities (such as points, vectors and coordinate systems) and parametric curves (such as segments, arcs or Bezier curves). It also contains real values comparison functions, round function (missing in standart library), factorial calculator and bunch of other utilities in addition.

I really doubt you will be able to use it in serious commercial project, it' more for educational purposes (in spite of it, at least my own windows store project uses it for parametric curves rendering and modification). The main goal was to write some code I would be really proud of, through TDD, with unit test and all the cool stuff, as opposed to typycal production mess.

Math2d repository on Bitbucket.

Update: move Math2d repository from GitHub to Bitbucket (cause Bitbucket motherf*ckin rule!).

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